The rate at which businesses fail can be traced to lack of business training. Most people jump into a new business once they notice that the business is trending and highly profitable. They fail to carry out their due diligence to know if the business is worth investing in. Part of what you need to do aside undergoing business training before starting your business is to conduct risks and sensitivity analysis for your business

If you intend starting a business as an entrepreneur, one of the things that is expected of you to do if indeed you want to build an organization that can grow beyond you to accommodate more employees is to conduct technical and manpower analysis. Conducting technical and manpower analysis is just the right thing to do if you are serious about starting a viable business. Technical analysis and manpower analysis go hand in hand, they cannot do without each other

The harsh truth about small business financing and startup funding is that 99% of all businesses that apply for fund gets rejected. WHY? The reason is because their business idea or plan is not worth given a second thought. To successfully get investors attention on your business idea, your idea itself (including your business plan and presentation) must be thought provoking. Now what’s the secret of those that were able to raise the needed funds? What did they do differently? Well, I advice you keep reading.

How do you analyze a small business opportunity? How do you differentiate good small business investment opportunities from bad ones? How do you assess a business opportunity to know if it’s worth pursuing? Do you want to learn how to evaluate a business opportunity? Then i advice you read on.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a business location? How do you conduct a business location analysis? What’s the importance of location to a business’ success? Well, i advice you read on to find the answers you seek. Choosing a small business location is an issue most entrepreneurs approach with a pinch of salt.

How do you ascertain the profitability of a business idea? How do you turn a business idea into an opportunity? How do you decide if an idea or opportunity is worth pursuing? Well, the answer to the questions above is a “Feasibility Research or Study.” Do you want to learn how to research a business idea? Then read on.

It is no longer a hidden fact that the the economic climate for new businesses is never and will never be certain. That is why entrepreneurship is viewed as being risky. Now despite the risk associated with starting a business