Every smart business owner must have a carefully planned out exit strategy. The reason is because no matter how much you desire it, you cannot continue to run your business forever. Here’s how to sell your business to a key employee

In the process of selling your business, a due diligent checklist is one of the most important steps you must not take for granted. WHY? The reason is that it can make or mar the entire process thus leaving you with a burnt finger. In this article, I will share with you a ten step due diligence checklist for selling a business.

What is your business exit strategy? How do you know the right time to sell your business? Well, if you have a plan to sell your business in the future; or you are currently starting a business to sell? Then read on as I reveal five signs to know when to sell your small business

Do you need information on how to sell your business fast without a broker? Are already in the process of selling your small business and you need advice to increase your chances of success? If any of the criteria above best describes you, then below is an in-depth guide for selling a business successfully.